students will learn the basics of spoken word poetry, prose, and dramatic readings. Stage presence, confidence, style, and memorization will be taught. History of urban and contemporary poets and dramatists, poetry structure and rhythm styles, writing and reading skills, personal empowerment and philosophy will be stressed


students will learn the basics of theatre-style dance routines. Flexibility, balance, endurance will be stressed. Dance history, urban and classical styles will be chosen by participants, basic technique and choreography routines will be taught as well as costume and production values.


students will be taught musical genres and styles, cultural aspects of music, music in the media and theatre, poetry and spoken word background styles, dynamics and tempo and specific instruments needed for program production

Our Partners.

Arts 4 Students is fortunate to partner with great organizations in many communities such as ISBE, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago International Charter School, Just A Dash Catering, Metropolitan Family Services, Youth Guidance, Rhema Word Kingdom Ministries, Urban initiatives, The Griffin Institute, A host of School Districts,

Feeding and Enrichment Program.

Arts 4 students Organization has secured federal funding through the Child and Adult Care Food “At Risk “Program in an effort to feed every child that participates in After School Enrichment Activities. Our Organization can partner with the current after school activities or create new and exciting activities. We provide catered meals that are healthy and fun

Next Steps…

Please contact us Theater programming [email protected] Feeding programs contact [email protected]